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Kaizen Systems is an authorized WPT POWER distributor and representative and Dealer of factories in the United States and Europe, leaders in the manufacture of parts and equipment for power transmission, motion control and processes for oil and gas, mining and cement, mobile equipment, marine industry and heavy industry in general. Wichita Clutch 
Since 1992, WPT has been delivering more than you expect. The accrued knowledge gained from experience, research and field testing make our Engineers experts.We have the tools and problem solving insights that give real world edge in your applications.Let us show you how our power can work for you. Power Grip Clutch
Kaizen Systems es un distribuidor autorizado de WPT POWER y representante - comercializador de fábricas de Estados Unidos y Europa, líderes en la manufactura de partes y equipos para la trasmisión de fuerza, control de movimiento y procesos para la industria del petróleo y gas, minería y cemento, equipo móvil, industria marina e industria pesada en general. Distribuidor  WPT, Embragues, Frenos, Power Take off, Twin Disc, Wichita, embragues neumaticos.
Paise, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Miami, Argentina.

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